CreativiTEA offers a supportive environment whereby art/image making can evolve free from aesthetic judgement, placing value on mark making which is unique to that individual. Each session will be centred on a theme, with a main exercise, an opening and closing exercise and talking/sharing time. Refreshments will be available. The six, 2hrly, free sessions will run over a series of six weeks. Participants may book for the entire block of sessions or book individual sessions as each week will be a complete workshop in itself.

CreativiTEA is not a workshop/art class where technical skill/art techniques are taught and neither is it a traditional Art Therapy group, but rather it is a therapeutic and expressive intervention using art making to facilitate communication, giving local residents the opportunity to meet and share their life experiences/feelings through image/art making and discussion. This level of sharing can give increased understanding, questioning and fresh insight into ones difficulties/emotions/feelings. Participants often find that they can relate to other people’s story and in-turn offer advice and empathy. It is also a valuable, and for some, rare opportunity to ‘get things of their chest’, to be heard, witnessed and respected, for others it provides a space for self-reflection and ‘me’ time.

Potential benefits of participation:

Research indicates that having the opportunity to be creative, have fun, self-reflect and connect with others through shared experience is essential to improved wellbeing and contributes to overall positive health. CreativiTEA offers a forum whereby memories can be shared through art, questions can be asked, and fresh dialogues can be created.

Specifically the potential benefits of participation in CreativiTEA sessions are to:
• Help counteract social isolation and to build positive new relationships
• Explore life event and transitions
• Safely release ‘bottled up’ emotions
• Communicate using a non-verbal means of expression and/or to use imagery as a focused channel for discussion
• Gain a sense of freedom of expression and to have fun by being able to ‘play’ with art materials, images and constructions
• Gain support and increase understanding through conversing with others who may be experiencing similar feelings and/or life journeys
• Increase self-confidence, gain greater self-awareness, and enhance self-esteem
• Challenge oneself and to gain a sense of achievement by doing this
• Be given an opportunity to express feelings that maybe too confusing, frightening, overwhelming to verbalize
• Further encourage local residents to utilise their local library facilities

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